This product has been discontinued.

Great prices on RS232 to RS422 interface converter with opto isolation, full duplex, din rail mountable, programmable


Modelo 8323 - Conversor de Interfase RS-232 a RS-422 Opto Aislado con Montaje en Riel DIN
Características Principales
  • Full Duplex
  • Opto Aislado
  • Fuente de alimentación incorporada
  • Velocidades de transmisión hasta 115.2 KBPS
  • Montado en Riel DIN
  • Terminadores Programables

Descripción Del Producto

The Model 8323 RS-232 to RS-422 Interface Converter allows information exchange in full duplex mode over two twisted pairs. It converts RS-422 signals to RS-232 signals, bi-directionally, on the DIN rail mounting system. This conversion is accomplished while maintaining optical isolation between the ports. Model 8323 allows for the extension of RS-232 links to a maximum limit of 3300 feet or 1 km at any data rate up to 115.2 KBPS.

The Model 8323 includes TD and RD LED’s as well as a built-in power supply. The power input is standard for 110 Volts/60 Hz or 220 Volts/50 Hz as an ordering option. The inputs and outputs are via screw terminals located on the top and side surface of the device.

A full complement of dip switches are provided to select pull up and pull down resistors on RS-422 receive data lines as well as terminal loads for transmitters and receivers. The user also as the ability to configure the grounding scheme for the four wire links.

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