Model 8021NX - RS-485 DIN Rail Mounted Surge Suppressor
  • Fast Response
  • Automatic Recovery
  • Up To 20 MBPS Data Rate
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Triple Stage Protection
  • Two Wire

Descripción Del Producto

The Model 8021NX is a DIN Rail mounted surge suppressor for 2-wire RS-485 circuits used to protect factory data networks, or, any RS-485 network that wants to avail itself of the DIN Rail packaging concept. The Model 8021NX provides common-mode (line to ground) surge protection and differential mode (line to line) protection for balanced networks. All the inputs, outputs and ground connections are via screw terminals located on the top surface of the device.

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8021NX RS-485 DIN Rail Mounted Surge Suppressor   Specifications Manual Application Note


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