Great prices on RS232 to EIA 530 interface converter, dte dce, rs 422, mil std 188 114, category I and II circuits


Modelo 62-2 - Conversor de Interfase RS-232 a EIA-530
Características Principales
  • Soporta 10 Circuitos Categoría I y 3 Circuitos Categoría II
  • Totalmente Compatible con EIA-530 y RS-422
  • Modelos DTE y DCE
  • Cumple con especificación MIL-STD-188-114 Tipo 1/2
  • Velocidades de transmisión hasta 256 KBPS


Descripción Del Producto

Conversion between RS-232 and EIA-530 is accomplished by the Models 62-1 and 62-2. These devices provide conversion for the entire EIA-530 interface which includes ten Category I circuits and three Category II circuits. The 62-1 includes an RS-232 port to be interfaced to a DTE, whereas, the 62-2 is designed to interface to a DCE RS-232 port. The electrical interface of the EIA-530 port fully complies with RS-422. The Category I signals are differential and the Category II signals are single ended. The Models 62-1/62-2 therefore, fully comply with the signal requirements of MIL-STD-188-114, Type 2.

Each of these devices is powered by the Model 62-4PS wall mounted power supply with eight-foot line cord, fully connectorized using a mini-DIN connector.

Modelo Descripción Precio Información de Producto
(En Inglés)
62-2 Conversor de Interfase RS-232 a EIA-530 - MIL-STD-188-114 Type 2 a RS-232   Specifications Application Note Manuals
62-4PS Fuente de alimentación   Specifications Application Note
62-4PS-220 Fuente de alimentación - 220 V   Specifications Application Note

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