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Modelo 109A – Convertidor Serie a Paralelo Bidireccional con Buffer
Características Principales
  • Soporte de Impresora
  • Paralelo a Serie
  • Serie a Paralelo
  • Buffer de 512 kByte
  • Velocidades de transmisión hasta 115.2 KBPS

Descripción Del Producto

The Model 109a is a bi-directional interface for parallel and serial interfaces. Connect a computer with parallel output to a serial printer or a computer with serial output to a parallel printer. The Model 109a contains a 512 KB data memory. Operational parameters of the Model 109a are set via DIP switches which are accessible from the side of the unit and include direction of conversion, Baud rate, character length, parity and handshake mode. The handshake switch allows a software mode called X-ON/X-OFF or a hardware mode of operation which supports DTR/DSR and RTS/CTS.

Modelo Descripción Precio Información de Producto
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109A Convertidor Serie a Paralelo Bidireccional con Buffer   Specifications Manual

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